Pom Pom Jerseys Show Your Spirit

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Cute and Comfortable 

Pom Pom Jerseys are Perfect for Nearly Any Occassion


Nothing says “I support this cause or organization” like wearing their colors. Boxercraft’s pom pom jerseys are the perfect way to do that. They are also great for just wearing as everyday apparel. With tons of different colors to choose from in two different styles, there’s sure to be at least one both you and your customers will absolutely fall in love with.

Both varieties of our pom pom jerseys are made with 100 percent jersey cotton and offer an oversized, comfortable fit. The short sleeved jersey has a light bottom section and tacked rolled sleeves. Perfect for the warmer months, short sleeved pom pom jerseys go great with shorts, jeans, leggings or any other legwear.

The long sleeved pullovers are great for those chilly fall and winter nights when your hometown cheers on the local football team. It is a thick, warm top that is ready for any situation. Each jersey is accented with two stripes on each sleeve in your preferred color. They come in solid colors, split colors between top and bottom and even some patterns, like camouflage.

Whether short sleeve or long sleeve, no pom pom jersey is complete without a touch of personalization.